County prepares for mosquito infestation

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – As warm and wet spring weather sets in along the Grand Strand, it also means that more insects and pests are about to become prevalent in the area. But Horry County Mosquito Control is prepared to fight back.

"As long as we get rains like we've had every week, and temperatures like this, the mosquitoes will keep coming," said Terrill Mincey with Mosquito Control.  Mincey and other members of the program spray pesticide and larvicide all over the county to even out explosive mosquito populations.

Mosquito Control utilizes handheld larvicide briquettes, truck-based spraying systems, and airplanes that spray large areas at a time. Usually, the thought of spraying for pests conjures up images of toxic chemicals dropping everywhere. But Mosquito Control says the products they use are safe.

"The chemical we use is the most widely used across the country," said pilot Al Allen. "There have been no negative health effects from it."

Still, officials recommend not being directly in an area being sprayed. If you do, they recommend immediately watching your hands. If you grow vegetables in your yard, make sure to wash them before preparing them to eat.

And while the most obvious benefit of controlling the mosquito population is stopping the spread of disease, Allen says Mosquito Control also serves as an economic safeguard.

"If there were a West Nile outbreak, it would not just affect our health and safety, but also our commerce and welfare. There is a pressing need to protect our citizens and visitors here."

Horry County Mosquito Control will come spray your property to prevent mosquito infestations. To schedule a spraying, call 843-915-5174.

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