Wellington subdivision targeted in string of break-ins

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – People who live in the Wellington subdivision in the Myrtle Beach area say their neighborhood is being hit with a string of break-ins.

Horry County Police reports confirm at least five break-in attempts this week in the community off Palmetto Pointe Boulevard, all happening late at night or early in the morning. They do think the crimes are connected because of a signature "L" cut to the screened-in porches of the homes.

Neighbors say they've heard things have gone missing, but there's no official confirmation that anything's been taken in the break-ins.

One victim, Kevin Tetrault, says burglars tried to take cell phones from his house, but never left with them. He says they did take the sense of security he and his wife once had.

"Completely violated. I don't know I haven't slept in the past few nights. Stayed awake all night pacing the floors," said Tetrault.

Now the Tetrault's are looking into starting a neighborhood watch group which other neighbors have shown support for already.

"With the whole crime watch thing that we're going to get up and rolling. That'll fix a lot of the problems around here," he said.

Police say in the meantime, it's always best to keep screen doors, windows and doors leading into your home and garages locked at all times.

Horry County Police also encourage residents to report any crimes as soon as they happen so they can stay on top of the search for the people behind this.

Other neighbors say they might have to take things upon themselves.

"My property's mine. I leave yours alone you leave mine alone. It's just that simple. If I caught somebody certainly I'd say something. If I have to run after them I would," said Phillip Koveloski.

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