Medians near Freestyle left overgrown: Neighborhood Wants Results

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Driving down George Bishop Parkway it's hard not to miss the looming and very empty Freestyle Music Park. But it's not just the vacant theme park and desolate area surrounding it, that's getting under the skin of locals.

"Things are overgrown, you can't really see, unless you stick your car out," says Arrowhead resident Kathryn Burdge. Neighbors in Arrowhead are fed up, watching the grass and weeds taking over the medians.

"Its definitely getting worse. It's very tacky when you drive through there and you're coming into Arrowhead. Arrowhead is a nice area," says resident Douglas Lovelace.

After calls to the South Carolina Department of Transportation and Horry County Public Works, we've learned the road's maintenance responsibility is split. The D.O.T maintains two-thirds of George Bishop Parkway, but the section that appears the worst -- across the street from Beach Church -- is zoned for the county.

Both departments say what appears to be their lax effort in maintenance comes down to one thing, Money. With a growing number of roadways they're each responsible for, the hefty price tag to keep up with it, costs millions of dollars each year.

But for Douglas Lovelace and his neighbors, they aren't convinced that's enough of an excuse. "Everyone's going through the budget issue, but you have to keep your city looking nice. You have to find a way to do it, but it just doesn't seem like their trying very hard right now," says Lovelace.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation says they will have a crew out to mow this area within the next month and the County says mowing rotations begin the first week of May, meaning some relief -- even temporarily-- is on it's way.

Horry County Public works says if you have a concern or an area in your neighborhood that needs some attention, you can call the Road and Drainage Hotline at 843-381-8000.

Another concern residents told WMBF about are the street lights, which they say haven't worked in 2 months. The county and D.O.T both say that's not their responsibility, so we'll continue to track down who is and see if we can get someone to come out here and get these lights fixed.

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