Voting ends in Retool Your School Campus Improvement Program

From the Home Depot

The Home Depot is overjoyed to bring this essential and successful program back for a second year. We know how valuable our nation's Historically Black Colleges and Universities are, and how much they have contributed to our country's growth in so many ways. What could be more worthwhile than helping preserve and improve some of America's most historic campuses and landmarks?

Last year, we awarded grants totaling $150,000 to HBCUs, including a $50,000 award to Elizabeth City State University to help them achieve their objective of building a new baseball field for the school and the neighboring community. Ten additional schools received $10,000 each for a variety of projects ranging from landscaping to lighting to sprinkler systems.

Our HBCUs have so much to gain from this opportunity. We invite you to participate in any way you choose. Only HBCUs can apply for the grants, but you can have a say in who wins the grant money by casting your vote for your favorite HBCU when voting begins.

Retool Your School. And help revitalize education.

Several South Carolina schools are in the running, include SC State University, Allen University, Clinton Junior College, Denmark Technical College and Vorhees College.

To vote, click here.