Brothers compete to be starting QB at SC State

(Source: WIS)
(Source: WIS)

By Mandy Mitchell - bio | email

ORANGEBURG, SC (WIS) - There is a sibling rivalry at South Carolina State, where two brothers are competing for one job on the football field.

Tedarrius and Derrick Wiley share a last name, but they can't share the starting quarterback position at SC State. The brothers are battling it out on the field to win the job.

It's hard to get Tedarrius and Derrick Wiley to say a bad word about the other. "Ain't no 'better' quarterback," said Derrick. "He's more of a pocket passer, I'm more of a runner."

Derrick is the older of the two Wiley brothers. He's been the backup at SC State behind Malcolm long for the last few years, and is the favorite to be the new starter this year.

But his little brother Tedarrius, a true freshman, has a chance to change that. "That would be something hard to swallow," said Derrick. "Me being the oldest, they are looking to me to be the starter."

"Derrick has been here a little longer, but if he goes out and lays an egg I can always go out and put the other Wiley in, nobody might no the difference," said Coach Buddy Pough.

The Wiley brothers went to the same high school, Richmond High in the Rockingham area. "Derrick has the rushing record, I have the passing record," said Teddarius.

But little brother Teddarius has something his big brother doesn't -- a high school state title. Derrick never got his team that far. "Sometimes I know it bothers him," said Teddarius.

But the Wiley brothers stick to friendly jabs at each other, and try more to support one another than to compete. "We were raised not to go against each other," said Derrick. "Really all we got is each other."

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