Family wants justice in Conway cold case

Vehicle Teddy Rivens was found in (Source: CPD)
Vehicle Teddy Rivens was found in (Source: CPD)
Teddy Rivens
Teddy Rivens

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) The family of a teen victim and Conway Police hope the public can help solve a nearly 14-year-old murder mystery.

"He was just a loveable person; he was very caring if he could have helped you he would," said Cindy Myers, the aunt of Teddy Rivens.  A then 17-year-old Georgetown County man, police say was shot in the back of the head, in November of 1997.

"You would never forget him; he just left something with people. He wasn't a violent person, easy going," said Rivens' other aunt Shawanda Miller.

Myers says she'll never forget the call from police.  "She said that someone was dead in my car, and we need to get down there.  I knew it was Teddy, they thought it was someone else, but I knew it was Teddy. He never answered my page; he always answered my page."

Conway Sgt. Don Parker was on the scene at 2605 4th avenue the early morning of November 9, 1997, when he looked inside this car.

"His head toward the floor board, with his feet up," recalls Parker.  Police found two 12 GAUGE shell casings outside of the car, the back window shot out, Teddy's body inside.

Parker adds, "It appeared that he'd been shot from the back glass of the car into the back of the head."

"Somebody shot your head off?  Think about it, somebody take your head off for what? No money. thousand dollars?...Take his money, shoot him in the leg, to me, I have no words for that," said Myers of the violent crime.

Teddy's family admits he got mixed up with the wrong crowd. They fear someone may have been after him for his money from possible drug sales, but they say he deserved a second chance.

"He never had that choice to say, 'okay, I'm gonna change'. Someone else made that decision for him. That part I don't agree with," said Shawanda Miller.

Police say the case went cold after two years, but recently tips from relatives have sparked some new leads. Still, authorities are not close enough to make an arrest.

"This case for me, is frustrating, because you know you're right there, you know resolution is right there," said Detective Rodney Sessions of CCU, who was previously a Captain with Conway Police, but now comes back to work on the case. He's been on it for 10 years.

Sessions says solving the case is his ultimate goal.  "The taking of a life, that's just something you just don't forget. Someone out there is talking about this, someone knows something and it's something that we may need to put an end to this case and bring the family justice. They deserve to know what happened, they deserve to see justice."

It's justice the family is hoping can bring them peace.

"I would say his mother would definitely want jail time, probably the chair. She can't even be here today, and every day she calls me crying, every day. Have you heard anything, and that's for 14 years. This lady lives with that, and she can't be here, and I have to tote that around on my chest, that my sister hurt that bad and I love Teddy, so I have to suck up and do what I think is right," said Myers.

"If you knew my nephew and you knew what our family is going through with him not being here, and not having closure and not knowing what happened to him, It's really hurting. I just ask anyone who knows anything just call police, call us, call our house," pleads Miller.

Police can't say whether they have a person of interest in the case, but say they believe they're close.  Rivens family says they lost another family member to violence in March of this year after a relative was shot at a Georgetown club. Police have made arrests in that case.

The family hopes the loss of life can serve as a wake up call to teens and parents.

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