Recycling saves money, keeps environment clean

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) When it comes right down to it, it is a matter of where to toss it. The Solid Waste Authority gets about 575 tons of household waste every day. That garbage is being dumped into the landfills, which means more money is needed to keep them up. Another consideration is the chemicals that are leeching to the ground.

About 38 percent of the nation's trash is paper. That percentage includes cardboard and newspapers-items that could be recycled.

There are several municipal programs that offer curbside pickup for recycled items.  People interested in recycling can call their homeowners associations to see if this service would be available in your neighborhood.  Here are some of the contacts for cities around our area.

If your neighborhood does not allow for this service another option is taking the recycled goods to a recycle center. Sammy Vestal, a homeowner in Myrtle Beach says, "It saves a lot of money because the cities and counties do not have to go out and purchase more land. It's hard to get them permitted. People don't want more landfills in our neighborhood so the longer you can extend a landfill's life the better off you're going to be."

Rodney Cannon , Deputy Director of Recycling and Corporate Affairs at the Solid Waste Authority says it's a matter of education. "The best way to change people is to start by education. Get in the educational system and train the younger generation coming up. Starting in Elementary schools, kindergarten and it's our way of getting in the school system where you can where you can teach those and then they are going to go home and teach their parents. They're going to go home and say look this is what we're doing at school why can't we do it at home."

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