Local dogs abandoned, left to die in Loris

Dog dumped off of Hardee Road in Loris
Dog dumped off of Hardee Road in Loris

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - What would normally be described as a quiet and charming section of Loris is now becoming a haven for people dumping dogs. Now many of those abandoned animals are being left to survive or die on their own.

"It was so sad; I couldn't believe someone would actually do that to a dog," said Marsha Cusick of Loris. Cusick contacted WMBF News early this week to report the dumping issue after stumbling upon an abandoned crate where a dead dog laid inside.

Cusick admits to finding several dogs off of Hardee Road in Loris, not far from her home. Over the years she's adopted several animals but the costs of caring and nurturing the animals has her at her breaking point.

"It's here because there aren't many houses here in the area, so people just realize that there's nobody around to see them when they dump them," she added.

On Wednesday, WMBF News was able to spot one abandoned dead dog along the road. County shelter workers admit they're aware of similar issues and want residents to know dog dumping is illegal.

"We get animals for different reasons, a lot of times we're not required to ask, but we will accept these animals if they bring them to the shelter," explained Lisa Bourcier, spokesperson for Horry County Government.

The shelter accepts animals six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Shelter workers simply ask for those dropping off animals to do so during business hours and not overnight.

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