Many job fairs may not mean many jobs

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – This time of year is a popular time for job fairs. Many college seniors will soon graduate, and in the Grand Strand many businesses need to hire seasonal workers.

While the job fairs may be numerous, the types of jobs people are trying to find may not be so easy to find, depending on what jobs they are hunting.

"I'm just looking for a part-time job, a little something to take up my time when I'm not at the ocean or the pool," explained Norma Madras while at the Myrtle Beach Senior Volunteer and Job Fair on Wednesday.

The fair was exactly what she needed, a place to find a little bit of work and a few volunteer opportunities. However, it seemed many others were just focused on jobs.

"I saw several professionally dressed, carrying a portfolio," commented Debra Bramlett, a volunteer recruiter for McLeod Health. "They were on a mission to find a part time job."

While part-time work is exactly what some people are trying to find, others like Alesia Hazeltine are looking for full-time work. Whether it is at one of several recent job fairs or just out on the job hunt on her own, she has not found what she needs.

"There's a lot of part time jobs versus full time jobs, more or less the hourly rather than the full-time with benefits and all that," Hazeltine said.

Job hunter Gloria Wilson said she has considered taking a part-time position in hopes that it becomes more. However, she realizes that may not be a realistic option for everyone.

"Each person has to look at his or her own circumstances and situation and weigh what's best for you," Wilson said.

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