Consider This: Census Results

Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

We were expecting a nice increase in the population numbers when the 2010 Census information was released, but South Carolina's growth surpassed even the optimistic estimates and that means good things for the area.

Consider This: The growth in Northeast South Carolina, especially Horry County's 37% increase over the past ten years, means more clout and representation at the state and national level. It also means more resources to help with infrastructure, schools and other important projects. Fast growing communities like Carolina Forest, Burgess and Forestbrook will benefit with better representation at the local level.

Area leaders say the region suffered after the 2000 Census due to an inaccurate count. They were determined to make sure the numbers were accurate in 2010 and it appears that they succeeded. That will prove beneficial to all of us over the next ten years.

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