Consider This: Legalized Raffles

Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Three things are necessary when defining gambling… prize, chance and consideration. Non-profit groups have been holding raffles for years, and the majority of those raffles include prizes, you're not guaranteed to win so that results in chance and most of the time the consideration is money to participate in the contest.

Consider This: Legislators have to be careful when approving any gambling because it could open the floodgates for all forms of gambling. However, they need to come up with a solution that allows non-profit raffles to continue without concern and fear that they are participating in an illegal activity.

Again, we don't want legislation legalizing raffles to unintentionally create legalized roulette; legalized gambling should be a separate debate. But the current laws banning raffles needs to revised to allow non-profits to operate their fund raising activities legally.

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