District constantly reviewing security in wake of Socastee shooting

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - In the nearly six months following the shooting incident at Socastee High School, schools across Horry County have implemented new sweeping security measures to protect both students and staff.

In November, the district setup a 24/7 tip line for students to report bullying and threats anonymously. The district reports that the service is being used, but that most students still report to on-campus personnel for bullying issues.

"There have been eight calls and only six of those calls were related to bullying," said district spokesperson Teal Britton.

On Wednesday, school leaders admitted they're constantly reviewing security procedures and are considering merging the current tip-line with one in the process of being setup by Horry County Police.

"We are hopeful in the coming year that they will be able to offer a safety tip line which could in fact replace the service we are paying for." Britton added.

School board members are also looking at ways to improve security on-campus. A measure to address the role of school resource officers is expected to be addressed at an upcoming school board meeting.

"I don't want them to have a role in student discipline, that's not their role, their role is law enforcement." said Board Member Joe Defeo.

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