Cold case: Myrtle Beach murder with no suspects

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Police Department had only one unsolved murder during 2009, and even with few details in the case, investigators are hoping someone will come forward to help them solve the murder at the Willow Run apartments.

According to Detective Traci Chanaca, 26-year-old Obdulio Campos was shot in the neck inside one of the apartments around 1 p.m. on September 9, 2009. The story others inside the apartment gave police was that two men came into the apartment trying to rob them while they were drinking and playing cards. Witnesses told police Campos fought back with the robbers and was killed.

Chanaca and other detectives on the case want to check-out that story.

"There may be other people than was told to us originally," said Chanaca. "We believe there may be other persons involved."

That's why police hope someone who has information about the crime will come forward. Chanaca says you don't have to be a witness to the crime to give the break they have been waiting on. They're hoping even someone who's heard details "on the street" will contact them.

Just feet away from Detective Chanaca's desk is a white board with the names of murder victims from recent years. Obdulio Campos's name is in red, the only one in red from 2009, meaning his case has not yet been solved.

Authorities have produced a sketch of a possible suspect. But Chanaca says those are actually better at weeding-out people who had nothing to do with the crime rather than specifically identifying the culprit.

"Composites really just help us eliminate who the suspect is not," she said. "You know, based on the composite, it's a black male as opposed to a white male. No facial hair, as opposed to facial hair, at the time of the incident."

If you have information about the Campos cold case, detectives would like you to contact them directly at (843) 918-1975.

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