Dillon Police make 2 more arrests in 50/50 Lounge murder

50/50 Lounge (Source: WMBF News Reporter Alisha Laventure)
50/50 Lounge (Source: WMBF News Reporter Alisha Laventure)

DILLON, SC (WMBF) - Two additional people have been arrested by Dillon Police in connection to the shooting death of a 23-year-old Dillon man in February.

According to a police report, officers were investigating another shooting in Dillon County Feb. 22 at McLeod Hospital when another male victim suffering from gunshot wounds entered the hospital.

As the victim was being prepped for surgery, he told officers he was shot at the 50/50 Lounge located at 223 East Hampton St. in Dillon.

"We don't normally have too many problems in that area, in that game room where this happened. It just recently opened up," reporting officer Sgt. James Hayes said.

Around 10:30 p.m., officers spoke with the owners of the lounge who told police the victim was sitting on a couch with one of the owners when a black male entered the lounge and started shooting the victim.

Dillon County Coroner Donnie Grimsley said the victim, Cameron Tobias Davis of Dillon died Feb. 23 in the hospital from his injuries.

The Dillon Police Department said Gregory Keith Covington was arrested Tuesday and charged with murder, possession of a firearm, conspiracy and assault and battery in the second degree.

Javis Hamilton and Sergio Day were also arrested Tuesday. Both have been charged with conspiracy.

Hayes said on March 4, officers arrested Tobias German and charged him with conspiracy. Monday, officers arrested Leslie Turner and charged her with misprision of a felon in connection to the murder.

"The owners, they have a whole lot to do with it. They can't stop the violence, but they can stop the people from coming to their area or their place of business," Tonya Brown said. She lives near the area where the shooting occurred and said street crowds need to be eliminated.

The suspect was described as standing around 5'10" and weighing 200 pounds. He was said to have been wearing a black hoodie and a black mask at the time of the shooting.

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