Florence District 5 seniors score above average on SAT

By Alisha Laventure - bio | email

Johnsonville, SC - JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WMBF) – The average SAT score for high school seniors in Florence District 5 is above both the state and national average SAT score.

New numbers released Monday by The College Board show the average composite score for reading, writing and math on the SAT for high school seniors in Florence School District 5 is 1526. That is 29 points higher than the national average of 1497.

College Board found the average SAT score for South Carolina public high school seniors in the Class of 2010 fell two points from last year to 1443. Seniors in Florence District 5 are scoring an average and 83 points higher.

Nine South Carolina districts had average SAT scores that exceeded the national average.

"There is a true competition at this school to see who's going to be that top four or five students every year," Stevie Phillips, principal at Johnsonville High School, said.

Philips said the school begins preparing students for college from the time they are freshman. Faculty meet with the students every nine weeks throughout their high school careers to make sure the students are on track with school work and testing.

Seniors also receive a packet at the beginning of the school year reminding students and their parents of important the dates to remember and how to be successful during the senior year.

"It's kind of stressful sometimes, especially being a student athlete, having to deal with volleyball and practice and games and then having to do homework on top of that," said Ashlyn Cribb, a senior at Johnsonville high and a member of the volleyball team. "I just work on my time management and try to manage my time wisely."

Phillips said parental involvement in the SAT preparation and college application processes are integral to academic success, as well as the guidance department and career center at the high school.

"From an academic standpoint, our kids that are achieving the highest, we always get a constant phone call from their parents," he said.

Several college preparatory websites offer online SAT prep courses. Some of these sites offer samples question and a full-length exam free of charge.

The next SAT exam date is Oct. 9.

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