Copycat bomb threat leads to search of Conway HS

Conway, SC - HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A social networking post threatening the safety of students and teachers at Conway High School is under investigation by area police and Horry County Schools.

Catina Hipp, spokeswoman for the Conway Police Department, said officers learned of the threats early Friday night after they were posted on various social networking sites.

According to officials, the posts read: "Imma blow up Conway High School Monday. Imma have a bomb on me Monday."

The threats prompted Conway Police and Horry County Schools to sweep the Conway High School campus with a K-9 unit for any security threats on Sunday night. Officials noted nothing out of the ordinary was discovered during the search.

Teal Britton, spokeswoman for Horry County Schools, said a phone tree was activated to alert parents and teachers of the situation.

"We went through extra procedures to make sure everything was locked down," Britton said. "[Conway High School] opened Monday with some additional safety procedures."

Britton noted two Conway High School students have been tabbed as suspects in the ongoing investigation.

"A few years ago we didn't have to worry about social media," said Conway High School Principal Porter Kennington.  "The world has become very fast paced and instant...used to be when you wrote something down and before you mailed it or attached it to a bathroom wall you had at least a few steps to think about is this the right thing to do."

Porter says online threats carry the same weight as other variations, including stiff consequences.  He says his staff will be reinforcing to students that online threats are not something that will be taken lightly.

"Most of our students I'm afraid don't understand that just about anything can be traced whether it be an email address, facebook account, or whether it be somebody writing something on a piece of paper," explained Kennington.  "We try to teach our students that yeah social media is a great way to communicate and it's real quick and it's real easy and it's really inexpensive... but there are responsibilities and ethics involved."

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