Pass the Cash - Phyllis Driggers

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Phyllis Driggers has been working the drive-thru at an Arby's on Kings Highway for about three years now. She's served thousands of customers over the years, but her upbeat personality and contagious smile stand out to one woman in particular.

"We just bonded," Barb Stanley remembered. "She was always smiling, even if I was having a rough morning."

Stanley works at a law firm not far from Arby's and often visits to pick up lunch. She says while grabbing a quick meal, she's gotten to know Driggers as more than just a voice that takes her order.

"It got to the point I found out that her husband didn't have a job," Stanley said. "So every time I would go through, I would say 'Did he get a job yet?'"

Stanley said she felt helpless, but always assured Driggers she would pray for her. Driggers' husband was laid off nearly two years ago and hasn't been able to find work. She worries about paying their bills and has even considered taking a second job.

It's a heavy burden she's carrying on her shoulders, but one many don't notice as they drive through her line at Arby's.

"She's always pleasant, just a sweetheart to deal with," Stanley said. "I can't think of anybody that I know that is more deserving of it than Phyllis."

Stanley not only shared Driggers' story with WMBF News, but also her boss, Attorney Fayrell Furr, who decided he wanted to help, too. Furr gave Stanley a $300 check for Driggers, matching the 'Pass the Cash' gift.

Driggers said she had been praying for help, but never would have imagined it would come from one of her customers.

"She always comes through the drive through and is always is so nice and sweet," Driggers said of Stanley. "Sometimes I'm down and out [and] she always lifted me up."

Although she wasn't expecting a $600 gift, Driggers knew she'd spend the money on rent.

"It comes before anything else!" she said.

With the rent paid, Driggers can go back to passing on her gifts - gifts that make a lasting impression.

"I'd be smiling because Phyllis was smiling and she just passed her smile on to me!" Stanley said.

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