Gas station gets second green light from county

Horry County, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - After a heated discussion between an engineering group and neighbors who oppose a gas station development, Horry County Council voted in favor of passing required zoning plans to a third reading.

The plans call for a retail complex that include six gas pumps, a convenience store, and some retail space. People against the project believe the development will attract unwanted visitors, traffic, and pollution.

Venture Engineering, the group helping to present the project, told the Horry County Council they've researched and believe it's appropriate for the area.

"We can only give our input. The decision has been made. We can only come back for third reading see if there is going to be changes made," real estate agent Monica Riga said, who stands against the gas station development.

Councilman Bob Grabowski, whose district includes Palmetto Pointe Boulevard, told council he believes the project will be beneficial for the community. If the project is built, Grabowski said the builders would be required to add additional turn lanes to help with traffic.

The third and possible final reading of the ordinance is scheduled for Sept. 28.

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