Consider This - Interstate 73 and Port of Charleston

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Sen. Lindsey Graham was in the area last week discussing two items that are his top priorities for the foreseeable future - funding for I-73 and deepening access for the Port of Charleston.

Consider This: If you were not already aware, South Carolinians are fortunate to have Graham representing our state in Washington. He not only loves South Carolina, but is also extremely smart when it comes to government's role in our lives.

As Graham put it when discussing the two projects, building roads and other infrastructure improvement is exactly what government should be doing. If that is not the role of government, what is? Unfortunately, many politicians believe otherwise.

The I-73 project will create thousands of jobs during the construction process, provide interstate access which will lead to commercial development, through some of the poorest counties with the highest unemployment levels in South Carolina, increase tourism traffic for the Grand Strand and also provide another necessary evacuation lifeline.

The improvements at the Port of Charleston will be critical if the area wants to take advantage of the traffic from the larger ships that will be utilizing the Panama Canal when the expansion is complete in 2014. Without this upgrade, the ships will bypass Charleston and utilize other ports along the Atlantic Coast.

Graham is on target with his focus on these two major initiatives and we're thankful he is leading the charge for South Carolina.

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