Fantasy Harbour Blvd. moves on without Freestyle

Myrtle Beach, SC - HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Businesses surrounding Freestyle Music Park say they've felt little effect from the park shutting its doors nearly one year ago.

"It impacted my business in a positive manner," Ed Hagins, owner of, said.

Hagins' business sits just across the street from where Freestyle's entrance once stood. Hagins said he still gets some questions from customers about the park's future, but most people he said choose to ignore it.

"I hope somebody rents it. I think its still a viable idea in my mind anyway," Hagins said.

The auction company sells everything from washing machines to flooring material. The owner said it's because of its location off of US-501 and not Freestyle Music Park that they've been so successful.

Other properties near the park, including the Imaginations costume shop, report very little effects from Freestyle's closure.

"We're a specialty business and were still on US-501. As long as we have that going, they're going to come in if there is a music park or not," said Jay Coley, owner of Imaginations.

The park's future remains uncertain after a foreclosure lawsuit was filed by the park's lenders in August.

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