Concerns linger as proposed campground nears approval

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Brandon Herring - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A proposed recreational vehicle campground in the Socastee area of Horry County has concerned some homeowners who live nearby.

On Tuesday night, Horry County Council is expected to give final approval to rezoning that would allow for the campground.

"Everybody wants to know what's in their backyard," Steve Zienowicz, who lives adjacent to the proposed campground property, commented. "It's a normal human thing."

The property is off River Road behind Socastee High School and Socastee Elementary. It was once a mobile home park, but has since been vacant for years.

The idea to turn it into an RV campground is not welcomed by Zienowicz and his closest neighbors. They would rather see the property used for home and small commercial use - an extension of the current neighborhood.

"Maybe [a campground is] not the best, the greatest and best use of the property," he said.

He is worried the campground will make traffic in the area worse because campers may have to turn left from Highway 707 onto River Road. He said the intersection is already difficult to navigate for people in regular cars and trucks.

"I think it's a nightmare anyway," Zienowicz said. "Let's not add 40-foot rigs to it, you know."

He also said River Road is not wide enough to accommodate larger RV's that would turn in and out of the campground.

People who live nearby also worry the campground could attract a bad crowd and possibly sex offenders who want to be close to the elementary school.

"You know, that might not be here for the right reasons," Zienowicz said. "We have small children in the neighborhood and such. So we're just kind of worried about that."

However, those concerns are not shared by everyone. Dan Boris lives a little further down the road from the proposed campground. He says he was worried about it at first, but now he has learned more.

"The way he's got it planned, we can't see a problem," Boris said. "It's well thought out. It's not going to just be a wild place."

However, the concerns remain for those who will be closer to the campground. They expect it will get approved and just hope it will not be as bad and they imagine.

"When you're right directly on the border line you're going to worry about it," Zienowicz said.

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