Earl leaves behind great holiday weekend

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Brandon Herring - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Although Hurricane Earl has passed the Carolina coast, it has left behind some effects in the Grand Strand.

The warm and sunny weather that is expected is a by-product of the tropical system.

However, lifeguard supervisor Lindsey Borsvold said there is still a risk of rip currents because of Earl too. Waves caused by the hurricane eroded some of the beach and created a sand bar just off shore. She expects the rip current threat to decrease throughout the holiday weekend.

"Hopefully the beach will even out as the tide comes in and out the next few days and evens it out so it's not as steep and we won't have as many sand bars," Borsvold said.

The threat of rip currents did not keep people out of the water Friday. Lifeguards allowed people to go into the water up to their waists.

"It's tempting to go out, but I see the lifeguards are saying only to the waist so there must be rip tides or something going on out there," observed Lynne Tumelty.

Waves caused by Earl also washed a little extra trash onto the beaches. Barbara Zysk said they also washed up something else.

"The shark teeth are plentiful today after the storm," she said. "It brought up a lot of teeth."

Zysk said she got in the ocean Friday and found it to be calmer that most days recently.

However, until all threat is gone, Tumelty said she is keeping a close eye on the young ones in her family.

"They love the water and have no fear," Tumelty said. "They'll run right in there so we just try to keep an eye on them."

Lifeguards had up yellow flags Friday, and that is what they expect to use all weekend. The flags mean it is relatively safe to go in the water, but people still need to check with lifeguards to see if swimmers are allowed to go in the water up to their wastes or chests.

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