Proposed gas tax could increase prices at the pump

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  AAA of the Carolinas expects more people to hit the roads this Labor Day because of lower gas prices, but drivers could soon be paying a nickel more per gallon with a proposed gas tax.

That extra five cents will be added onto the current gas tax which sits at 16 cents per gallon - that number hasn't changed since 1987.

The gas tax hike still has to go before state lawmakers, who return in January.

The money goes toward road projects in the state, but according to a new study, South Carolina highways seem to be in good shape already.

According to the Reason Foundation's Annual Highway Report, South Carolina ranks sixth in the nation in highway performance and cost effectiveness.

The report says that the nation's highway conditions are the best they've been in almost 20 years, saying that the recession is partly responsible for the improvement, because fewer people are driving on the roads.

Drivers can also feel a little safer, according to that report, which gives the Palmetto state one of the lowest fatality rates in the country.

For drivers like Darryl Marcus of Conway, that's good news.

"I feel very safe," said Marcus. "The highways I've found here are pretty smooth so I feel pretty comfortable on them."

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