Interstate businesses looking for big holiday weekend

Dillon, SC - DILLON, SC (WMBF) - Businesses in the Pee Dee along Interstate 95 say they are looking forward to a big holiday travel weekend after a good summer.

Susanne Pelt at South of the Border in Dillon County says this is the last big summer weekend for the 60-year-old tourist attraction. She says this summer was good for business.

"We are looking forward to the Labor Day weekend, and that's usually our last big weekend of the summer and then things kind of settle down and we get ready for next year," said Pelt. "We've had a really good summer.We've been pleased with our numbers, and you know lots of people expected it to be down, but it wasn't"

Pelt says after this weekend many of their 350 employees will get to take vacations of their own. She says they will also start getting ready for next season with some upgrades as they usually do in the winter months.

People traveling this Labor Day weekend say it was a good chance for them to get away, and so far, traffic hadn't been too bad on Thursday afternoon.

"It's a long weekend, so we decided to pick this weekend so we would have an extra day or two. You know to go to Savannah and get back home," said Angela Smith from North Carolina.

Smith and her friend, Missy Swain, stopped at South of the Border on Thursday while on their way to Savannah.

"We're gonad have a girls weekend. So we just decided we would pass through here, we haven't been here in a long time," said Swain. "Just gives us an opportunity to spend time with friends and family and I think it's the last big tourist season you know before it closes and everyone gets back into the grind."

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says drivers should have plenty of rest before hitting the road this weekend. They encourage drivers to slow down, pay attention and wear a seatbelt.

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