Earl keeps lifeguards, swimmers on alert

Horry County, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As Hurricane Earl continues to track towards the East Coast, lifeguards are warning both swimmers and surfers to be on alert for dangerous rip currents.

"A lot of people have no prior knowledge about how to survive in the ocean so when you throw in a storm like this it just becomes harder," Noah Rosenthal, a lifeguard supervisor for Lack's Beach Service, said.

Lifeguards continue to warn swimmers not to go in past their knees as a precaution.

Most swimmers obeyed the warning and lifeguards quickly tried to grab the attention of anyone heading into dangerous waters. Experts say rip currents are the most important thing for swimmers to be aware of when hitting the water.

Surfers said they were prepared for whatever comes their way as a result of Hurricane Earl

"I wish we could get these twice a year where nobody gets hurt and always get good surf," said Myrtle Beach resident Brian Lookadoo.

Most surfers said they planned to take to the water as early as they could Thursday morning in order to catch the tallest waves.

"If you're not a good swimmer, even if you're not a good swimmer or surfer you really have to get out of the water" said Jim Rosen, a surfer from Atlantic City.

Thursday's forecast calls for waves that could reach as high as 9 feet.

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