Pee Dee emergency workers watching Hurricane Earl

Florence, SC - FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Emergency management officials in the Pee Dee are keeping a close eye on Hurricane Earl until it is completely past the South Carolina coast.

Florence County Emergency Management workers said they have been busy keeping up with the latest forecast tracks and making sure their emergency plans are in place. They say people at home should be doing the same thing - not just for a hurricane, but for any type of disaster that may happen.

"You should think about these things well in advance. Because although we do have hurricanes, we could also have an earthquake and there's absolutely no warning when one of those comes in," Kristy Hughes, of Florence County Emergency Management, said.

Hughes noted people at home should make sure their disaster kits are well stocked with plenty of water and non-perishable foods.

Florence attorney Louis Nettles said he remembers what life was like after Hurricane Hugo. He was the chairman of the local American Red Cross at the time, and said Florence learned many lessons after the storm.

"Even though we're 70 miles from the coast, it can happen here. You know it's always kind of in the back of our mind figured that we'd be taking care of those people that had to evacuate from the beach," said Nettles.  "You couldn't hardly see the roads because there were too many leaves down, and you couldn't get around. It took quite a while to get things cleared up to get around good in Florence after that."

Emergency workers said right now it's just a watch and see type situation, but they are ready for whatever Earl may decide to do.

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