Soldiers packing in Iraq

(NBC) - The U.S. is packing up its battered vehicles and war-weary soldiers as President Obama will declare our fighting days in Iraq are over on Tuesday night.

"We're not gonna be operating in the same combat role that we have in the past," said Obama.

But don't expect another "Mission Accomplished" moment.

"You won't hear those words coming from us," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

"He cannot have a 'Mission Accomplished' speech. He cannot, there's fifty thousand Americans that are still in Iraq. We are not ending the Iraq war," Jon Soltz, chairman of said.

Those troops will stay another year, training Iraqi police as they try to keep order with no government in place, six months after elections.

Vice President Biden is there urging the process forward.

"There still is not a unity government in place in Iraq. So, we're at a little bit of a violent period, a transition period," former Bush National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley said.

It is a time of transition for the Iraqis and the U.S.

Obama begins today at Fort Bliss, TX, where 7,000 troops have come home in the last six months.

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