Charity matches cancer patients who need a lift to treatment with drivers

(NBC) - It's a program that matches cancer patients with no available transportation with volunteers that are willing to drive them so they can make their appointments.

Dick Tuttle is helping Irma Dehuelves on her road to recovery from breast cancer. He volunteers with The American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery Program, and has picked up Irma three times to drive her to her radiation treatments at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

"I need the service because I got no insurance got no transportation. It's the only way I can take care of myself," said breast cancer patient Irma Delhueves.

Although he has logged more than three-thousand miles on his personal vehicle, he does not see himself as just a driver.

"On the road to receiving hands on treatment by the medical professionals you're also part of the process," said Tuttle.

Dick is a retired prison Chaplain who makes good use of the long drive, and is a part of the support system making sure that cancer patients get the treatments that they need.

"I've had a patient call her daughter to talk to me just to say thank you because I can't be there I live out of state," said Tuttle.

"The public transportation system is not adequate enough for patients to come from one point to another especially if a patient is really really sick waiting for a bus is going to take a lifetime," said ACS Patient Navigator Mara Chavannes.

Making it to all of her daily radiation treatments will increase the odds that Irma's cancer will be under control.

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