The Emmy Awards leave some surprised

(NBC) - It was an Emmy upheaval Sunday night.

Lots of new winners, but a few familiar ones, including Mad Men making it three straight wins as Best Drama.

"The quality of the nominees this season more than any other, has been phenomenal. So, to be singled out in that group of shows continues to be amazing," Jon Hamm of Mad Men said.

There was plenty of room for newbies - including rookie sensation "Modern Family" as Best Comedy.

"I think we have an amazing cast, an amazing writing staff and incredible crew, but I think the show has embraced emotion and I think emotion and comedy had sort of gone out of vogue," said Steve Levitan of Modern Family.

Jim Parsons was also part of the first time winner parade for Best Actor in a Comedy for "The Big Bang Theory."

"This feels dreamlike. Someone wake me up," said Parsons.

"I'm not funny," claimed Edie Falco, but Emmy voters thought otherwise.  Falco got Best Actress in a Comedy for "Nurse Jackie" to go along with three Drama Emmys for "The Sopranos."

"The women I was up against are hysterically funny and talented comedians.  So, yes, I was shocked.  I'm not playing coy here. I really am just dumbfounded by the events of the evening," said Falco.

It took five nominations, but Kyra Sedgwick finally broke through and won Best Actress in a Drama for "The Closer."

"You don't think you have you have a chance in hell of winning after five times," said Sedgwick.

But as the Emmys proved Sunday night, times do change.

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