Gamecock student ticket loyalty program ruffles feathers

Columbia, SC - COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - One of the rites of passage of college is attending your school's football games, especially if you go to a school in the SEC.

But at USC, if you sign up to go and don't show, you could be locked out the rest of the season.

Stephen Dawkins says students need to play by the rules if they're going to games.

"You either need to use it or cancel it so someone else can," said Dawkins.

Electronic tickets and loyalty points were first introduced to Carolina students in 2008. That means the more games you attend the more points you get towards getting tickets to the more popular sports like football and men's basketball and baseball.

From now on, student no-shows who don't cancel the ticket in advance will be locked out of seeing that sport for the rest of the season. That includes football.

The reason is simple. Dr. Jerry Brewer, vice president of Student Affairs at USC, says demand for popular tickets has outstripped supply.

"Last year, there were more than a thousand students who were not using their tickets and we had other students who needed tickets who couldn't get them," said Brewer.

Brewer says for each football game last year, there were an average of 1,000 students with tickets who didn't show up.

"What this allows us to monitor student tickets and see who goes in," said Brewer.

Sophomore April Limotta thinks there should be more wiggle room in the policy. "I liked the forgiveness policy from last year," she said. "I definitely went to games after I missed my one."

If students truly run into an emergency, Brewer say they do have an appeals process is in place.

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