Dog has 3,300 fans on Twitter

Savannah, GA - SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The most followed pooch on Twitter, James Bond the dog from Thunderbolt, just got even more popular.

Friday on "The News at Six," WTOC introduced viewers to this tweeting sensation. James Bond the dog seems to enjoy all of the limelight.

Over the weekend, he got all dressed up for the first International BarkWorld Conference in Atlanta. His owner, Sloane Kelley, was a keynote speaker at this social media event.

On Monday morning they were guests on WTOC's "Mid Morning Live." Story even aired on CNN and a TV station in New Zealand.

"Even more than that there has just been a ton of people just writing to us on Twitter, really from all over the world, so that's been really neat," Kelley said.

@JamesBondtheDog now has more than 3,300 followers, that's up nearly 700 from Friday when he first appeared on WTOC.

"Someone actually wrote to him and said, 'Hey, James Bond the Dog, you are more handsome that Pierce Brosnan', that was one of my favorite tweets we received," Kelley said.

She created the Twitter account for James Bond a year ago, now he's becoming a local celebrity.

"James Bond the dog, Paula Deen, they go hand in hand, who knows!" she said.

And with all these new fans, the pressure is on for Kelley to come up with creative tweets for her spy dog.

"We are going to keep tweeting, keep telling stories and have fun with it, we'll see where it goes," said Kelley.

James Bond the dog just takes it all in stride.

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