Thunderbolt dog's Twitter account gets national attention

Thunderbolt, GA - THUNDERBOLT, GA (WTOC) - We've all heard the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Well, that's not true for one dog in Thunderbolt. He has embraced the social media age, and yes, he has his own Twitter account.

The beagle's name is Bond, James Bond. When he's not sniffing out the neighborhood, he's sitting on the porch with his owner, Sloane Kelley, "tweeting" about his day.

"So as this James Bond persona, he definitely talks about life as a doggie spy, if you will," explained Kelley. "And, of course, he is a hound dog so he likes to sleep a lot, and there's a natural tension between his desire to sleep and his need to do his duties."

Kelley set up her dog's Twitter account a year ago. She tweets for a living at her job at a Hilton Head ad agency.

"I was bored on a weekend and said, 'Why not create something based on my dog.'" said Kelley.

@JamesBondthedog now has more than 2,600 followers.

Kelley said she never expected all this attention. "I was pretty amazed, actually. I think within the first week I had the account rolling he had more followers than I personally had on Twitter at the time."

In one of James Bond's tweets he wrote, "Tried to leave a message in the park for a fellow spy but my human picked it up, put it in a bag and tossed it."

When WTOC was there on Friday he tweeted, "Hope the TV cameras are getting my good side."

While this has been a lot of fun for Kelley, she said it has really opened her eyes to how social media can connect pet lovers.

"Also from a business standpoint there are so many opportunities out there I think for pet oriented businesses to get involved in the space and meet these folks," she said.

Kelley and James Bond will be meeting many of them this weekend. On Friday morning, they left for Atlanta for the first International Barkworld Conference. It's a social media convention for dog lovers. Kelley and her spy dog are keynote speakers.

James Bond wasted no time "tweeting" about the trip, "Making plans to hijack the XM radio. Not digging the human's taste in road music."

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