American Idol star sentenced to community service

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah's singing sensation and former American Idol contestant, Stephanie Edwards, is speaking out about her recent trouble with the law.

In March, police arrested Edwards and Laquilla White for fighting in Jackson Park. Edwards said they were fighting over a man, that it was "baby mama drama". The court ordered Edwards and White to stay away from each other.

On Aug. 24, Recorder's Court Judge Claire Cornwell-Williams gave Edwards the opportunity to wipe her record clean. Edwards agreed to 80 hours of community service, in exchange, the judge said the charges against her will be dismissed.

Edwards said, "I am just happy I'll have a clean slate. I don't mind the community service. I was wrong. I put myself in a bad situation and bad predicament."

Edwards made it to the final 11 of American Idol back in 2007. She said she let her self down and her fans.

"Just having it on my conscience and knowing I am a role model and people look up to me and there are a lot of kids in Savannah that look at me as being Savannah's idol, that I kind of let myself fall and get involved in that and stoop down to that level."

Now she's focusing on her future.

"It feels good," Edwards said. "I am happy I can put this all behind me. I am in school full time at Savannah State and I am ready to focus on my classes and grades, put everything behind me. it was a really bad experience and I'm glad it's over."

What isn't over is her singing career. Edwards said she is planning to write and record some new songs very soon.

The judge ordered Edwards to complete her community service by Oct. 26. The case against the other woman, Laquilla White, is now headed to state court.

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