Ethanol-free; More gas stations have pure fuel

Wilmington, NC - WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Many boat owners have spent thousands of dollars repairing the engines in their vessels, but the type of fuel they use could cut down those costs.

Ethanol is a hidden danger inside gasoline that can cause damage to engines.  Several years ago, Congress wanted to cut down on oil imported from the Middle East, so they added ethanol to gasoline.

But anytime fuel with ethanol sits unused it can clog the system and cause major problems.  Since boats aren't used as much as cars, they're more prone to damage.

"It's expensive and inconvenient when your motor goes down," said Jack Kilbourne who had to send his boat to the repair shop three times over the last two years.

For quite some time, boaters could only find ethanol-free fuel at Marina pumps, but now more and more gas stations in the area are starting to sell the pure gasoline.

"There was a big demand for it," said Musa Agil who owns a station on Masonboro Loop Road.  "We have one station on the water and it's being frequented by so many boats that we decided this is the time to do it."

According to, ethanol-free gasoline can be purchased at the Masonboro Country Store on Masonboro Loop Road.  It can also be found at Springer Eubank on Shipyard Boulevard.

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