Multiple rallies are planned for this weekend in the nation's capital

Washington, D.C - (NBC) - On the same day, at the same spot where Martin Luther King spoke 47 years ago, conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck will lead a rally Saturday honoring U.S. troops.

"We're here to restore honor and faith and charity and help freedom be preserved," said Kevin Kroney of Gridley, Illinois.

"I think it's a celebration of Martin Luther King's legacy," explained Matt Kibbe of Freedom Works.

However, critics question Beck's motives. He's a man who's called President Obama racist, drawing Tea Partiers and Sarah Palin, on the anniversary of the nation's most famous civil rights speech.

"Why are you doing it on this day? Is it to get your word out, or are you trying to mock somebody?" asked Harry Johnson of the MLK National Memorial.

Others call it a publicity stunt.

"Part of what they do is to get people angry, and there into confrontation. It's the nature of their business," said Political Analyst Stu Rothenberg.

Around the same time, Reverend Al Sharpton will lead a march that ends nearby at the King Memorial site. Supporters say there's no conflict.

"If this were a country where anybody who had a dissent against popular opinion was not allowed to express that dissent, then that wouldn't be the American dream," said Melech Thomas of Christian Brothers United at Howard University.

Preparations are underway at the National Mall, and police say they're prepared.

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