Woman works to lose 125 pounds the old fashioned way

(NBC) - A Miami woman is working on losing more than 125 pounds without weight loss surgery, pills, a special diet or joining the gym.

Lisette Ross is on a mission, fighting obesity and working to get her weight down. She has lost 40 pounds since April when she decided to take the first step.

"By the time I delivered my daughter, I was 263," Ross said. "I managed to maintain a good 252 to 255, which is what I weighed at the end of April - 252-and-a-half pounds."

Her goal is 125 pounds, Lisette's weight when she got married. She wants to literally lose half her body weight without resorting to surgery.

"I've heard too many people with complications," she commented. "I've heard too many people who've managed to gain the weight back."

Lisette's plan is simple, but not easy. Her husband moved their treadmill to the living room, making it a focal point.

After being sedentary for more than seven years, she now walks four miles every day and carefully watches what she eats. To keep track, she uses her iPhone and an app called "Lose It."

She enters what she eats and the AP does the math. Lisette now looks forward to stepping on the scale to keep track of her progress.

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