Marc Jordan completes regional development fellowship

Alexandria, VA - ALEXANDRIA, VA (WMBF) – The American Chamber of Commerce Executives announces that Marc Jordan, President/CEO of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Convention and Visitors Bureau has completed the Fellowship for Regional Sustainable Development.

The fellowship, a 12-month program for regional leaders who build communities and economies, is funded by the Ford Foundation.

"The fellowship allowed regional leaders like Jordan of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce to deepen their understanding of the policies and practices that foster inclusive long-term prosperity and enhanced quality of life," Mick Fleming, president of the ACCE said.

During the fellowship, each participant crafts a "regional action project" that addresses an opportunity for creating sustainable, inclusive prosperity for his or her own region.

With the help of Coastal Carolina University, Jordan is planning the first annual Regional Sustainable Development Forum for Oct. 15. The forum will engage public and private sector leaders on the regional and sustainable challenges and opportunities in our area.

"The Regional Sustainable Forum will not only provide a venue to identify and bring these critical issues to everyone's attention, but it will serve as a training ground and leadership development tool for the many regional sustainability stewards needed to make a difference and create positive change across county and municipal lines," Jordan said.

Jordan was one of 34 fellows participating in the fellowship program, which now has more than 120 graduates.

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