Consider This - Ground Zero mosque

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

I am a Christian and I feel blessed to have parents who placed religion as an important part of our upbringing. I am also an American and I am very thankful to have been born in a country where the right for me to practice my religion of choice is a key component in the fabric of this nation.

That is why I am so torn on the situation taking place in New York with the battle to preserve the memory of the men and women who died at Ground Zero, and at the same time, not trample our religious rights that are so important.

I see both sides of the argument in that the location is private property with proper zoning to allow construction of a mosque and yet it is seems so inappropriate and inconsiderate to do that. However, wasn't our freedom of religion created to eliminate this type of situation? If two blocks is too close, is 10 blocks okay or is it two miles? How do you decide?

Consider This: Rather than pontificate on what I think is best I'm curious to know what you think. We have a lot of people who have relocated from the New York area who may have friends or family who were lost in the tragic 9/11 attack.

What's your opinion?  If you're Muslim, how do you feel about this plan? Do you feel it is appropriate?

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