New cologne gives you the odor of the Lone Star State

texas - (NBC) - Texas now has its own perfume.

Saks Fifth Avenue Texas by Bond No. 9 will go on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue later this week. The perfume has a Texas-sized price -- $360 a bottle.

The scent was described to be "like a tour through a south Texas garden with warm vanilla, aromatic cardamom and East Indian vetiver and musk."

Only 400 bottles of the limited-edition fragrance will be sold. The bottle is emblazoned with more than 800 red, clear and blue Swarovski crystals. The perfume is described as a "unisex" scent.

"It's very exclusive and is custom-made for the state of Texas by the creator of the Bond No. 9 fragrance " said Angela Newman, the fragrance manager at Saks Fifth Avenue. "It's a shared fragrance so there's different notes that can appeal to men and women. It works for both genders, and based on the body chemistry of the individual, it really comes to life and is very unique."

The perfume got mixed reviews on the streets of Houston.

"It does not smell very 'Texasy,'" Catherine Williams said.

"It smells good, but it's definitely not worth $360," Morgan Barr said.

"Well, it's flowery, but I don't know about scenic," Carla Fuqua Fernandez said.

"It's fresh, but not Texas," another Houstonian said.

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