Wrecked mobile home bugs Socastee residents

Socastee, SC - By Evan Lambert - bio | email

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - Residents in the Socastee area are fed up with seeing a destroyed and abandoned mobile home that sits just off Socastee Boulevard near Rosewood Drive.

Neighbors say a drunk driver plowed into the home in July and so far no one has touched the home either to clean it up or remove it.

Frank Walker rides by the home all the time and he says it's ruining how he views his community.

"I've got a pool cleaning business and I go by there and it's an eyesore. I can't understand why it hasn't been cleaned up," Walker said.

According to Van Davenport of HB Springs, the company that manages the development, the owner would like to get rid of the home, but is being tied up by the insurance claims process.

Davenport blames Santee Cooper for holding up that process. The electric company had a pole destroyed in the accident and has yet to submit a bill to the insurance company.

Without the bill the owner can't collect the money needed to move the mobile home.

A spokesperson from Santee Cooper says the bill will be put in the mail Tuesday.

For neighbors in the area, they've wanted what they call an eyesore removed for some time.

"We definitely feel like it's connected to this area so we want our streets to look good and the entrances to our neighborhoods to look good," said Char Brown.

"Haul it off, put a new one there whatever. We'd like to see it gone," Brown said.

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