Massive egg recall continues to grow

(NBC) - We now know a decade ago, Iowa called the owner of one of these egg companies a "habitual violator" and prevented him from building any new farms.

Wright County Egg, one of two companies with over half a billion eggs recalled, has violations and millions in fines dating back to 1994.

"If a company is willing to violate all kinds of different laws, they're certainly probably willing to cut corners when it comes to food safety," said Caroline Smith Dewall of CSPI.

The company said Sunday: "When issues have been raised about our farms, our management team has addressed them swiftly and effectively."

At least two-dozen families are suing Wright County, and so is another firm, Dutch Farms, for using its cartons to sell possibly tainted eggs.

"None of our eggs are under recall," Dutch farms CEO, Brian Boomsma commented.

Monday morning, the FDA still hadn't tracked down the source of the salmonella that has sickened as many as 13-hundred people. If you're going to eat eggs, the government has some advice.

"We're not saying don't eat them, we're just saying follow the food safety habits that you have to prevent illness," said Dr. Christopher Braden of the CDC.

He also recommends that you check with the FDA to make sure your eggs haven't been recalled.

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