Summer's end brings lower gas prices in Florence

Florence, SC - By Alisha Laventure - bio | email

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – As summer comes to an end, one gas station in Florence is taking drastic measures to stay competitive during these desperate times.

Drivers say the Sav-Way gas station on US-76 in Florence has the lowest prices in the city. At $2.29, a gallon of regular is 8 cents cheaper than the least expensive gas recorded by AAA in all of Florence. But the Clarks are selling the gas below the cost they originally paid for it.

"[It's] to help people out and to bring people in and help boost the inside store sales for us and everybody else," said Melissa Clark, who owns and operates the Sav-Way with her husband. She said she lowered costs to try and make a name for themselves amongst their competitors.

Melissa and her husband opened the Sav-Way in March and say they had steady business during June and July. They have seen a drop in customers during August.

"Hopefully, we can go lower and keep the prices way lower than everybody else and keep people coming in here," Clark added.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas is recorded at $2.71 by AAA. The average cost in the Palmetto State is more than 20 cents cheaper, at $2.48 per gallon. shows a gallon of regular to cost $2.26 in Anderson.

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