Positive job news for Horry County tainted by seasonal outlook

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Brandon Herring - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Horry County's jobless rate improved in July while state's average jobless rate got slightly worse.

The unemployment rate in Horry County dropped from 10.3 percent in June to 10.1 percent in July. The state's unemployment rate increased from 10.7 percent in June to 10.8 percent in July.

Tony Johnson who is a supervisor at Myrtle Beach's workforce center said Horry County's improvement was likely because of hiring during the height of the tourism season. He said many businesses continue to hire throughout the season.

However, those jobs may not last he said.

"It's part of living here on the beach," commented job seekers Franny Roff. "Even when you're working full time and you think your job is secure, come as soon as the season stops if you're on any kind of commission pay or anything, it's going to drop. So for three or four months you're struggling.  That's when most people are trying to find another part time job."

Johnson said getting a job further into the fall will become more difficult though. He said a decline in available jobs is a normal part of a tourism-based economy.

"As the hospitality, as the tourism begins to slow down then of course hours will get reduced and some jobs are seasonally eliminated," Johnson said.

Nonetheless, Johnson pointed out that some companies are still hiring right now, and he expects seasonal jobs to last at least for another month.

He also said he would not advise quitting a job right now, even while looking for another job.

"The best thing to do is keep your job and work toward finding the new job that maybe reaches your goal and your financial situation that you're looking for."

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