Consider This - Dr. Laura

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

I've never been a fan of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, so I could care less that she will not renew her radio contract after 30 years on the air. However, if you are a fan, she'll continue to share her views online where she claims she can speak more freely.

Consider This: There are several issues this current controversy brings to light. Dr. Laura made a great point in a follow-up interview that in today's world, most people do not want to debate. They want to eliminate. It is a very dangerous road when people want to eliminate differing views and only consume information that mirrors their own beliefs and opinions.

The next issue is that there are two standards for use of the "n word" - one for blacks and one for everyone else.

In fact, Jesse Jackson dropped the "n bomb" when he thought his mic was off during a TV interview. Ironically that happened shortly after he and other black leaders launched a campaign encouraging everyone to stop using the "n word." Other black leaders commented that the word is used frequently in private and it needs to be eliminated both privately and publicly.

Based on some comedians I've seen and rap songs I've heard, I'm not sure that message is getting out there.

We can't have it both ways. If using the "n word" is offensive, and it is, then it should be wrong for all people to use it regardless of the color of their skin. Rather than trying to eliminate Dr. Laura's voice, we should use her comments to help us continue this constructive debate.

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