Rabies case confirmed in Brunswick Co.

Brunswick County, NC - BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WMBF) - A raccoon attack in Calabash has marked the third case of confirmed rabies in Brunswick County, according to heath department officials.

Fred Michael, spokesman for the Brunswick County Health Department, said a raccoon attacked and killed a kitten in Calabash on Aug. 2. After the raccoon was sent to a lab in Raleigh for testing, health officials learned the raccoon was infected with rabies.

Three additional cats that came in contact with the same raccoon on Aug. 2 were euthanized. The cats, according to officials, did not have a current rabies vaccination as prescribed by North Carolina state law.

A dog was also euthanized in the Shady Forest section of Calabash, following a grey fox attack on the same day. The fox, according to officials, remains at large.

Health officials report rabies is caused by a virus that lives in the saliva of rabid animals. All mammals, including humans, are susceptible to rabies.

The four most common animals to carry rabies include raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats.

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