Thieves leave the jeep but take the doors

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – There are thieves in the area who are taking doors from Jeep Wranglers.

Several cases have been reported regarding a similar crime.  Apparently crooks are stealing jeep doors with glass windows.

Nicole Lester, a college student in the area, woke up one morning last week to find the doors to her jeep gone.  She build new ones out of wood to keep the rain out until authorities track them down or she can replace them.

"Right now there must just be a market for jeep doors or people coming into town from small towns outside of Wilmington just going up to random cars and getting whatever they can and selling it for themselves," said Lester.

Each of the doors is worth about $700 to $800 with the total cost around $1,600 which makes the theft a felony case.

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