Stolen home videos back in hands of rightful owner

Savannah, GA - SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Alert TV viewers and persistent police work, a Thunderbolt mother now has some of her precious memories back.

On Tuesday WTOC's "The News at 6" aired clips from a home video, the video was on a camcorder police found during a search warrant in December. But police had no idea who the rightful owner was.

Before the story finished airing, many viewers called.

The owner of that camera, Rachael Collins met with the detective who made this happy ending possible.

Collins showed up at SCMPD headquarters promptly at 10 a.m. to get those videos back She said her camcorder, TVs and many other valuables were stolen from her home in Thunderbolt in December.

Det. Nicholas Melke found the camera while executing a search warrant at a home in Georgetown. He said he's glad he could finally find out who the home videos belong to.

"Yea, they are coming back," said Collins when Melke handed her the camcorder and discs.

"I wish it was more," Melke said.

"Yeah, but I can replace that stuff," Collins replied.

What Collins could never replace were the videos, of her daughter Kylie at Christmas and her first birthday.

"I am going home to watch all the videos again," she said. "And I am going to get kylie from school so we can sit down and watch. She said, they found our movies. We are glad and very thankful for all Det. Melke did."

Melke said this is what makes his job so worthwhile. "It feels good, you know its not always about putting people in jail. Part of our department's motto is take care of the citizens so, it feels good."

Now Collins can start recording more of Kylie's milestones. And the ones stolen from her, are once again safe and sound.

Police said the man they believe stole the camera and movies lived in the home where the search warrant was executed, and Collins said she knows the man. He is currently serving a 20-year sentence on unrelated armed robbery and kidnapping charges.

Since the camcorder was taken from Collins' home in Thunderbolt, Melke is working with Thunderbolt police to file charges.

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