New Traffic Plan in Place for Carolina Forest Elementary School

By Chandi Lowry - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Carolina Forest Elementary School is growing and with all of those new kids come some growing pains for parents.

Michelle Matzinger is a parent and said, "It was very congested in the morning and sometimes you would be late even though you leave your home early."

The principal of the school, Melissa Spearman, said "We had a very organized system before but it was inadequate with how many students we had that came in cars."

But this school year there is a new traffic plan.

Spearman saw the problems and made changes, bringing in construction crews to improve traffic flow.

"They did a really great job. They were done in about 30 days and for me it was very impressive considering the amount of work they had to do so we have new fencing, new parking, new paving, so I'm really excited that they got done for us to welcome the students back in a couple of weeks."

"I'm very happy that they paid attention to a lot of complaints from parents and I think it will just move along a lot faster," exclaimed Matzinger.

Spearman said  the new plan will also ease congestion on an already busy Carolina Forest Boulevard.

"We think it's really going to help us speed up the process and get the cars off of the main road and we've added an additional 30 parking spots and that's really going to help us," explained Spearman.

In the morning when you drop off your kids, you can use drives 1 and 3 at any time.

Parents can only use drive 2 after 7:25 am because that's the bus lot.

In the afternoon hours, all students are assigned a lot.

Students who live off of Gateway Avenue and those who live out of Carolina Forest coming from Highway 501 use drive 1, which is also known as the front circle.

The back loop or drive 3 is for students who live down Carolina Forest Boulevard, like at Canterbury Apartments or Avalon.

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