CCU to begin self-study for NCAA certification

Conway, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Coastal Carolina University is on the brink of beginning a yearlong, campuswide effort to study its athletics program as part of the NCAA Division I athletics certification program.

Specific areas of the study include governance and commitment to rules compliance, academic integrity, gender diversity and student-athlete well-being.  

Edgar Dyer, CCU's executive vice president, will chair the steering committee for the study. The committee will include representatives from the institution's faculty and staff, including athletic department personnel, and individuals from the general public.

NCAA representatives will conduct a one-day orientation videoconference with the committee and its subcommittees on Aug. 24.

While academic accreditation is common in colleges and universities, the program focuses solely on certification of athletic programs. The self-study will be the third in the certification process for Coastal Carolina athletics. The process opens up the university's athletics program to the entire university/college community and to the public.

Institutions benefit by increasing campus-wide awareness and knowledge of the athletics program, by confirming its strengths and by developing plans to improve areas of concern.

When the institution has concluded the study, an external team of reviewers from other colleges, universities and conference offices will visit the campus for an evaluation. The team will make a recommendation of certification status to the NCAA.

The three options of certification status are certified, certified with conditions and not certified. If required, institutions must take specified corrective actions or may be ruled ineligible for NCAA championships.

The primary purpose of the NCAA is to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of higher education and the athlete as an integral part of the student body.

Activities of the NCAA membership include formulating rules of play for NCAA sports, conducting national championships, and adopting and enforcing standards of eligibility.

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