CF Chronicle: Horry Co. animal shelter euthanasia rates drop slightly

Horry County, SC - HORRY COUNTY, SC - It's been a year since Horry County took over the animal shelter, and while improvements have been made, county officials say there is still work to do.

The Carolina Forest Chronicle obtained records of the center's animal counts through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to see if euthanasia rates have improved.

In 2007, the euthanasia rate for the shelter under the care of the Horry County Humane Society was 89 percent.  It was 86 percent immediately before a distemper outbreak in December 2008 forced more than 100 animals to be euthanized, the last known record since the county took over the shelter.

Now, with just under a year's worth of available data, the rate at the Animal Care Center has decreased marginally to 81.2 percent, records show.

Kelly Bonome, operations manager at the animal shelter, said the counts for July 2009 are incomplete and reflect just 27 days with no count of euthanized animals. She said the partial numbers are used because the old data system shut down before all of the information was copied into the new system.